Prework - The Command Line


Although this course is primarily focused on Python, because the work being done is on the server-side you must know how to interact with your computer. Enter: the Command Line. The assignment in this Pre-work will introduce you to some of the more common commands involved in traversing directories and manipulating files on your computer.


To get you going down this path, you will go through the tutorial at CodeCademy and complete all four units.

If you encounter a bug where you’re typing in the right commands but the interpreter doesn’t move you forward, close your current shell where it says “bash” at the top and start a new one. If that doesn’t work, navigate back to the front page here: CodeCademy and re-enter that lesson.

Submitting Your Work

Navigate to your profile on CodeCademy by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner of the page. Submit the link to your CodeCademy profile. We should be able to see the following badges:

  • Lesson Completed: Environment
  • Lesson Completed: Redirection
  • Lesson Completed: Manipulation
  • Lesson Completed: Navigation
  • Course Completed: Learn the Command Line

Use the comments function in Canvas to submit questions, comments, and reflections on this work.