Prework - Python, HTML, CSS, JS


During the 401 Python course to come you will be writing more Python than you can possibly imagine. To help ease yourself into the experience it is important that you start limbering up your Python muscles. Be sure to spend at least one or two hours each day writing Python code. What you write is not as important as generally exercising your skills in thinking in Python.


To get you going down this path, you will go through the tutorial at CodeCademy and complete the following units:

  • Unit 1: Python Syntax
  • Unit 2: Strings and Console Output
  • Unit 3: Conditionals and Control Flow
  • Unit 4: Functions
  • Unit 5: Lists & Dictionaries
  • Unit 6: Student Becomes the Teacher
  • Unit 7: Lists and Functions
  • Unit 8: Loops

This should can between 5 and 10 hours total.

Coding Bat

Once finished with CodeCademy’s work, visit Coding Bat. Sign up for an account, setting the Teacher Share email address as There will be several modules for you to practice. You can do as many as you like, however the following are necessary:

  • all of the String-2 module
  • all of the List-2 module

More on Web Dev

During the 401 Python course, we will be learning a great deal of Python. But we will also be making use of technologies related to web development that are not Python. A solid working knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS is important for any web developer.

Spend the time between now and the start of class sharpening your HTML/CSS/JS skills.


If you are a complete beginner, then may I suggest an account with either Treehouse or CodeAcademy. Once you are signed up, either site has a number of quality tutorials that cover HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Pick some, and work through them. Then pick the next in line and keep going. Spend at least an hour a day working on this.

Another great resource for all of the above is FreeCodeCamp. Once you sign up for an account there, you should be able to work your way all the way through the Advanced Algorithm Scripting section of work. It does take time though, so pace yourself over several days/weeks.

Submitting Your Work

If you don’t have one already, create a repository in your Git Hub account for prework. Create or modify a branch for this repository called codecademy. Create a file describing the repository and the work you’re putting into it. Push to this repository your code from the following CodeCademy assignments:

  • Unit 3: PygLatin - part 10
  • Unit 4: Taking a Vacation - part 7
  • Unit 5: A Day at the Supermarket - part 12
  • Unit 6: Student Becomes the Teacher - part 9
  • Unit 7: Battleship! - part 18

Submit a pull request to your master branch, but do not yet merge it. Copy the URL for the pull request and submit that URL to Canvas for the Prework assignment. After you do this, merge your work to your master branch.

Use the comments function in Canvas to submit questions, comments, and reflections on this work. We will get the results from your Coding Bat work automatically, so don’t worry about that. Because this is not an HTML/CSS/JS course, those assignments will not be graded.